What Are The Most Common Types Of Roof Damage In Florida?

To those who don’t know, living in Florida sounds like a privilege with beautiful scenery and beaches that are mere minutes away from your doorstep. Those who do know are constantly fighting with the sporadic weather which can lead to costly repairs. Explore the most common types of roof damage in Florida so you know when to call Roof Bear Tampa!

The most common types of roof damage in Florida are often the result of heavy storms or prolonged sun exposure. Regular roofing inspections can help spot these problems before they get worse, but a qualified roofer can also repair or replace your roof if needed.

Storms and Rain Can Leave Your Roof In Vain

Take the expected lifespan of an average roof in any other state and cut it in half for Florida. With constant storms and hurricanes, your typical roofing has an especially hard time enduring everything that gets thrown at it (quite literally). One of the best ways to combat this is by looking into the best weather-resistant roofing for Florida roofs.

Dealing With Irreversible Water Damage

Water damage is perhaps the most common and yet the worst kind of roof damage. It’s extremely common because Florida sees countless rain spells and is made up of humid weather, but it always leads to worn-down roofing that can’t be fixed. In this case, once the materials have weakened, you can’t regain that structural integrity without replacing it altogether.

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Devastation Caused By High Winds

High winds during storms or hurricanes can rip off your roof entirely. All it takes is a hole or crack large enough for the wind to get through, and then it’s just a matter of strength. It’s not much different from using your hands and putting in all of your might to tear up a wooden floorboard. In this case, investing in one of the strongest roofing materials can help prevent this from happening.

The Sunshine State May Ruin Your Slates

Even when it’s not storm season and the weather is beautiful, you shouldn’t let your guard down. Just as much damage can happen on a sunny day, even if it’s a much slower process.

UV Protection Is Crucial Now More Than Ever

It’s called the Sunshine State for a reason, and your roof is in the frontlines protecting you from its harmful rays. If it’s not up to the task, it’ll do more than just fade in color. Prolonged sun and heat exposure can also lead to cracking and splintering. It’s best to go with a top brand known for offering products with UV protection.

When Tropical Debris Lands On Your Roof

Fungal spores and other plant matter can cause damage over time the longer it sits on your roof, often leading to algae or moss before escalating into dangerous dry rot. This could surprise you with a cave-in on an otherwise normal day.

Here Are A Couple Of Roof Damage Prevention Tactics

Regular roofing inspections can help you detect the early signs of roof damage. It also helps to invest in high-grade roofing materials that can withstand more than your average roof. These two simple steps can save you from dangerous occurrences and costly repairs.

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Be Ready For Anything. Call Roof Bear Tampa Today!

Need your roof inspected in Florida? Call Roof Bear Tampa today to schedule your next service. We will give your roof a thorough look-through and perform any needed repairs. We also carry premium roofing materials from top brands like Owens Corning and GAF if you want to upgrade your roof with stronger weather-resistant materials. Ask us for a free estimate on your installation!


What Are The Best Types Of Roof Coatings For Florida?

When it comes to protecting your home from the scorching Florida sun and intense rainstorms, having the right roof coating is essential. Roof Bear Orlando leads the way in central Florida’s roofing industry, and we’re here to explore the best types of roof coatings that can withstand the unique challenges of this region.

From UV resistance to waterproofing capabilities, we’ll share the top choices that will keep your roof safe and secure for years to come.

The Importance of Roof Coatings

Florida is known for its hot and humid climate, where the sun shines year-round. With such weather conditions, it is no wonder that roofs deteriorate quickly in this state. That’s why roof coatings play a vital role in Florida, protecting against the harsh elements.

  • The intense heat from the Florida sun can cause asphalt shingles to fade and deteriorate over time. This leads to leaks and structural damage if left unattended. Roof coatings act as a barrier, shielding the roof from harmful UV rays, reducing heat transfer into the building, and prolonging its life expectancy.
  • Roof coatings also offer additional insulation benefits by reflecting sunlight away from the building surface. As a result, air conditioning systems have an easier time maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures throughout scorching summer months. This equates to significant energy savings as well as a reduced carbon footprint for homeowners and businesses alike.

Considering these factors, it is evident that investing in good quality roof coatings is essential for both residential and commercial properties across the Sunshine State!

Types of Roof Coatings

When it comes to choosing the best roof coating for your home in Florida, there are a few options that stand out from the rest.

#1. Silicone

One of the top choices in Florida is silicone roof coatings. Not only are they highly reflective, helping to reduce energy costs and keep your home cool in the hot Florida sun, but they are also extremely durable and can withstand intense heat and UV rays.

Top benefits include:

  • Extended Roof Lifespan: Can help extend the lifespan of your roof by protecting it from UV rays, weather damage, and other environmental factors.
  • Energy Efficiency: Have reflective properties that can reduce heat absorption, helping to lower cooling costs and improve energy efficiency.
  • Waterproofing: Create a seamless barrier that prevents water penetration, keeping your roof leak-free and protecting the underlying structure from water damage.

#2. Acrylic

Another excellent option is acrylic roof coatings. They provide good protection against both UV radiation and water damage, making them ideal for Florida’s frequent rainstorms and hurricane threats.

Top benefits include:

  • Long-lasting protection: Provide a durable barrier that can extend the lifespan of your roof by protecting it from harsh weather conditions such as UV rays, rain, and hail.
  • Cost-effective solution: Applying an acrylic roof coating is a more affordable option compared to a complete roof replacement. It helps to prolong the life of your existing roof while providing the same level of protection.
  • Energy efficiency: Have excellent reflective properties that help to reduce heat transfer into your building, resulting in lower energy consumption for cooling during hot summer months.

#3. Polyurethane

Polyurethane roof coatings are also worth considering for their exceptional durability and resistance to chemical damage. These coatings can protect your roof from harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and heavy rains that often occur during Florida’s hurricane season.

Top benefits include:

  • Extended Roof Lifespan: Provide a protective barrier that can extend the lifespan of your roof by preventing damage from UV rays, weather elements, and normal wear and tear.
  • Energy Efficiency: By reflecting sunlight and reducing heat absorption, polyurethane roof coatings can help lower energy costs by keeping your building cooler during the hot summer months.
  • Leak Prevention: The seamless application of polyurethane coatings creates a waterproof barrier that helps to prevent leaks and water damage to your roof structure.

#4. Elastomeric

Elastomeric roof coatings offer great value for money due to their long-lasting performance and waterproofing abilities.

Top benefits include:

  • UV protection: Elastomeric coatings contain UV-resistant properties that protect your roof from the damaging effects of the sun, such as cracking and deterioration.
  • Energy savings: The reflective properties of elastomeric coatings help to reduce heat absorption, resulting in lower energy costs for cooling your building.

Protect Your Florida Roof

When it comes to deciding on the best type of roof coating for your Florida home, silicone, acrylic, polyurethane, and elastomeric options should be at the top of your list. Each offers unique benefits that can greatly enhance the lifespan of your roof while protecting you against Florida’s challenging weather conditions.

Ready to prolong the lifespan of your roof? Contact Roof Bear Orlando a (727) 471-7442 to discover more about roof coatings and other roofing services today!


What Should I Expect During A Roof Inspection?

If someone were to ask you about the last time your roof had been inspected, you might have a hard time coming up with an answer. It’s not something that homeowners think about often, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear just because nothing has gone wrong for however many years it’s been. Learn more about why roof inspections are important and what to expect after calling your local roofing professionals at Roof Bear Tampa!

Why Routine Roof Inspections Are Important!

It’s not too often you hear about someone sustaining roof damages and facing the consequences, but why tempt fate? All it takes is a bit of mold or a small hole to compromise a roof and diminish its integrity by a landslide. One of the most common reasons why people don’t want to pay mind to their roof is because they don’t want to drag out the ladder and go take a look. What would you even look for, anyway? It’s easier to just go back inside and watch some of your favorite shows, but that’s precisely how these problems grow right under your nose (or over your head, to be precise).

We don’t expect you to inspect your entire roof all by yourself with no expertise in the field. That’s why professionals like us exist, after all. But when should you be picking up the phone to give us a call? Take a look at our recommendations:

  • At least once a year
  • Right after purchasing a home
  • Soon after a storm or hurricane
  • If you notice any stains, leaks, or drafts

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What Happens During A Roof Inspection?

Every roofing contractor has their own way of doing things, but roof inspections tend to follow a similar format no matter who you call:

During the Inspection

The top of your roof will be checked for damages, mold or fungi, deterioration, and anything else that can threaten its integrity. Next, the roof’s interior will be evaluated for holes, cracks, or leakage. There are countless factors that can lead to a damaged or worn-out roof, but a professional with years of experience in the field will know exactly what to look for.

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After the Inspection

At the end of your roof evaluation, your roofing professional will give you all of the details you need to know and recommend the best course of action. If your roof is in top shape, you might not need any maintenance or repairs. but if you do, you’ll receive a suggestion on roofing services with a rough quote or estimate.

What Types Of Roofing Repairs Will I Need?

That depends on what’s wrong with your roof. If you’re lucky, a simple roof cleaning can keep most problems at bay. If you have any broken or worn-down shingles, your roofer will be able to replace the individual shingles, tiles, or slates as a sort of patch job. Worst case, you may need an entire re-roofing service.

Where To Find Professional Roof Inspectors Near You

For roof inspections you can rely on, contact Roof Bear Tampa today to set a date and time with your local roofing professionals near you! We’ll gladly give you a free estimate on your next service before giving your roof a thorough examination. If we find anything, we will run it by you before suggesting any necessary repairs or replacements.

We aim to be your go-to roofing company for all of your needs in Tampa and the surrounding area with our exceptional service and quality materials!


5 Reasons To Have GAF Energy Solar Shingles On Your Roof

Are you tired of soaring energy bills and the never-ending battle against climate change? Well, get ready to have your mind blown by the revolutionary GAF Energy Solar Shingles. These sleek, state-of-the-art solar panels seamlessly integrate into your roof, harnessing the power of the sun to generate clean and renewable energy for your home.

Imagine a future where you can say goodbye to high electricity costs while reducing your carbon footprint. Our team at Roof Bear Orlando explains how!

What are GAF Solar Shingles?

GAF Solar Shingles, a revolutionary solar power solution, has transformed the landscape of sustainable energy in Florida. Combining exquisite roofing aesthetics with cutting-edge solar technology, these shingles seamlessly integrate into any roof design while generating clean and renewable energy for your home.

Unlike traditional rooftop solar panels that can be bulky and unsightly, GAF Solar Shingles offer a sleek and streamlined appearance that adds value to your property.

How They Work

These innovative shingles are designed to harness the abundant sunlight in Florida and convert it into usable electricity. As the sun’s rays hit the durable glass surface of each shingle, tiny photovoltaic cells capture the energy and transform it into a direct current (DC) electrical flow.

An inverter then converts this DC power into alternating current (AC), which is safe for household use. This unique feature ensures that GAF Solar Shingles not only produce green energy but also maximize their efficiency by directly supplying it to your home’s circuits.

The GAF Difference

What sets GAF Solar Shingles apart from other solar solutions is their adaptability to different weather conditions prevalent in Florida. Constructed using resilient materials engineered to withstand hailstorms, high winds, and extreme temperatures, these durable shingles ensure your investment lasts for years without compromising on functionality or appearance.

Moreover, GAF Solar Shingles come with an impressive warranty that guarantees long-term performance and peace of mind for homeowners looking for reliable solar power solutions.

The Benefits of GAF Solar Shingles

Some of the benefits of GAF Solar Shingles include:

#1. Cost Effectiveness

One of the biggest benefits of GAF Solar Shingles is their cost-effectiveness. While solar panel installations can be expensive and time-consuming, GAF Solar Shingles provide a more affordable and efficient option.

The shingles are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing roof, eliminating the need for bulky panels that sit on top of your structure. This not only saves you money on installation costs but also ensures a sleek and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Additionally, the energy generated by the shingles can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills, providing you with long-term savings.

#2. Aesthetic Appeal

Another benefit is their aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional solar panels, which can be bulky and visually unappealing, solar shingles seamlessly blend in with the roofline and maintain the overall curb appeal of a home. This is especially important for homeowners who are concerned about the appearance of their property or live in neighborhoods with strict architectural guidelines.

GAF Solar Shingles come in a variety of styles and colors, allowing homeowners to choose an option that best matches their existing roof materials. Whether you have asphalt shingles or slate tiles, there is a solar shingle design that will complement your home’s unique style. This ensures that your solar installation not only provides clean energy but also enhances the overall aesthetic value of your property.

Another advantage of GAF Solar Shingles’ cost-effectiveness is their potential to increase the value of your home. In today’s environmentally conscious world, many homebuyers are seeking properties equipped with sustainable features. By installing these solar shingles, you instantly make your home more desirable in the real estate market.

#3. Easy Installation

Easy installation is one of the major advantages of GAF Solar Shingles. Unlike traditional solar panels that require complex mounting systems, these solar shingles can be installed directly onto the roof surface, just like regular asphalt shingles.

This not only saves time but also eliminates the need for additional structural support and reduces installation costs.

#4. Environmental Protection

By harnessing the power of the sun, these shingles significantly reduce reliance on traditional fossil fuels, which contribute to harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Plus, they don’t impact natural resources like traditional roofing materials. Traditional options such as asphalt shingles require significant amounts of raw materials like petroleum for production. In contrast, GAF Solar Shingles are made using recycled materials, reducing overall resource consumption and waste generation.

Plus, these solar shingles have a longer lifespan than conventional roofs, meaning less frequent replacement and less material ending up in landfills over time.

#5. Enticing Incentives

In many states, there are various government tax credits and incentives available to homeowners who choose to install solar systems on their roofs. These incentives can significantly offset the cost of purchasing and installing solar shingles, making them a more affordable option for homeowners.

Also, GAF Solar Shingles qualify for net metering programs in most states. This means that any excess electricity generated by the solar shingles is routed back into the grid, potentially earning homeowners credits from their utility company. Not only does this help reduce electricity bills, but it also allows homeowners to contribute towards renewable energy generation and sustainability.

Choose Solar Shingles from Roof Bear Orlando

If you are looking to make your home more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, solar shingles from Roof Bear Orlando are the perfect choice. With their sleek design and seamless integration into your roof, these innovative shingles not only generate clean and renewable energy but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your roof into a sustainable energy source! Choose solar shingles from Roof Bear Orlando today and take a step toward a greener future. Contact us today at (727) 471-7442 to get started!