We understand how overwhelming it can be for homeowners to handle issues with their roofs. But we are here to help! Expert roofing contractors at Roof Bear have put together these FAQs to equip you with all the information you need to take your roofing problems head-on!

How do I know if I need a new roof?

Homeowners and commercial building owners should keep an eye out for any water stains running along the walls and ceilings. Other signs that you might need roof installation services are missing shingles, the presence of mold, roofing seam flaws, and worn covers. The age of the roof and the slow wear of the roof should also be considered.

The best part is that if you get a roof installation from Roof Bear, you won’t have to worry about replacing it for years to come.

Do I need a replacement or repair job for my roof?

There are different factors that can help us answer this. Firstly, we recommend getting roof replacement services if 25% of the roof has become damaged. You will also be able to take advantage of the new technological advances that have been made in the roofing industry; this can offer a long-term roofing solution.

In cases where the roof has great insulation already, you should go for roof repair services. It is a more affordable option and can extend the overall lifespan of the roof too. Getting additional maintenance services like getting the roof coated to prevent leaks and reflect UV rays can help too.

What roof type should I get?

There are many roofing options that you can take a look at, such as shingles, metal, tile, TPO, modified bitumen, silicone roof coatings, and GAF Energy Solar shingles. Each has its own features; for example, TPO is flexible, durable, and fire-resistant. Our expert roofing contractors can take a closer look at your current roof, budget, and needs and recommend the best option for you.

Does my location impact what kind of roof I should get?

Yes! The location of the building definitely factors into our recommendations. Areas in Florida where you experience high wind velocity and heavy rains, so the roof has to be designed appropriately. If you live by the beautiful Florida beach, your roof and insulation have to be protected against the salt in the air too!

The roof’s orientation and the direction your home or commercial property faces can also play a big role. This is exactly why Roof Bear offers custom roofing solutions since no property is the same.

Are there some energy-efficient roofing options?

If you have a green business or want to keep energy costs low at home, our energy-efficient roofing options can help. We have developed amazing reflective roofs and implemented advanced insulation techniques to reduce heating and cooling costs for you. Your commercial property can also adhere to the ENERGY STAR criteria when you work with Roof Bear.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, all our expert roofing employees are insured, credited, and licensed. This protects you and them! For example, if an employee gets hurt while they are working on your roof, you will not be liable for the cost. We have great worker’s insurance that protects them and helps them in case of injury. Our employees are also trained extensively in health and safety protocols to ensure that they can minimize their risk while at work.

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