New Installation

New Installation

Roof Bear Should Be Your Go-To for Expert Roof Installation

You can count on us to install your new roof

You can count on Roof Bear, a full-service roofing contractor, for high-quality roof installation.

We are prepared to tackle any size project, from small homes to extensive commercial roof installation services in Florida. You can be sure that your new roof will be constructed to weather the test of time and the worst of the weather and rains.

Our expert architectural design, premium roofing materials, and highly competent roof installation will last you for 25 to 50 years.

Variety of Expert Roof Installation Services

With decades of experience in roof installations and over 7000 projects completed, we have amassed extensive knowledge in the following types of roof installations:

Shingle Roofs

As an affordable option, many folks opt for shingle roofs. Shingles are an effective roofing option that offers a classic look. They come in many styles and colors, so they can always match your house. Plus, with our expert roofing contractors, they are easy to install. If you live near the Floridian beach, you won’t have to worry about rust!

Metal Roofs

Metal roof installations have a proven track record of lasting for more than 50 years! They come in various styles to match your property, as well as interlocking panel innovations for added wind resistance. Metal is also fire-resistant and offers ample energy efficiency.

Tile Roofs

Sustainable, beautiful, and enduring tile roof installation is a great option to protect against damage from wind, fire, frost, water, and insects. As a versatile option, tiles prevent heat and cooling loss for added energy efficiency.

TPO Roofs

TPO roofs are quite affordable options and even save more by reflecting the sun’s rays to keep your property cooler. They are a durable type of roof, even making it easier to keep the roof clean since they are resident to bacterial and dirt buildup.

Modified Bitumen Roofs

Modified Bitumen roofs are installed in layers, so they provide extra protection and durability. It is compatible and easy to work with, which makes roof installation a breeze! It can hold its own against high winds and maintains structure at harsh temperatures too.

GAF Energy Solar Shingles

If you want an energy-efficient roof, GAF energy solar shingles are sleek, attractive, and aesthetically appealing. They are known to be durable and weather-resistant. It’s easier to maintain the solar panels too, and cost-effective for new roof installation.

Get Your Silicone Roof Coatings from Roof Bear

Homeowners and commercial property owners can benefit from high-quality silicone roof coatings. A layer of silicone is sprayed or rolled to fill in any blisters, seams, and cracks in the roof. It offers an extra layer of protection for your roof for added insulation and long-lasting durability.

The benefits of silicone roof coating services include:

  • Resistance against pooling water
  • Added UV protection
  • Added weather protection
  • Eco-friendly

Pick Roof Bear for New Roof Installation

With thousands of successful roof installations, Roof Bear is the go-to choice for many satisfied clients.