What Are The Most Common Types Of Roof Damage In Florida?

To those who don’t know, living in Florida sounds like a privilege with beautiful scenery and beaches that are mere minutes away from your doorstep. Those who do know are constantly fighting with the sporadic weather which can lead to costly repairs. Explore the most common types of roof damage in Florida so you know when to call Roof Bear Tampa!

The most common types of roof damage in Florida are often the result of heavy storms or prolonged sun exposure. Regular roofing inspections can help spot these problems before they get worse, but a qualified roofer can also repair or replace your roof if needed.

Storms and Rain Can Leave Your Roof In Vain

Take the expected lifespan of an average roof in any other state and cut it in half for Florida. With constant storms and hurricanes, your typical roofing has an especially hard time enduring everything that gets thrown at it (quite literally). One of the best ways to combat this is by looking into the best weather-resistant roofing for Florida roofs.

Dealing With Irreversible Water Damage

Water damage is perhaps the most common and yet the worst kind of roof damage. It’s extremely common because Florida sees countless rain spells and is made up of humid weather, but it always leads to worn-down roofing that can’t be fixed. In this case, once the materials have weakened, you can’t regain that structural integrity without replacing it altogether.

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Devastation Caused By High Winds

High winds during storms or hurricanes can rip off your roof entirely. All it takes is a hole or crack large enough for the wind to get through, and then it’s just a matter of strength. It’s not much different from using your hands and putting in all of your might to tear up a wooden floorboard. In this case, investing in one of the strongest roofing materials can help prevent this from happening.

The Sunshine State May Ruin Your Slates

Even when it’s not storm season and the weather is beautiful, you shouldn’t let your guard down. Just as much damage can happen on a sunny day, even if it’s a much slower process.

UV Protection Is Crucial Now More Than Ever

It’s called the Sunshine State for a reason, and your roof is in the frontlines protecting you from its harmful rays. If it’s not up to the task, it’ll do more than just fade in color. Prolonged sun and heat exposure can also lead to cracking and splintering. It’s best to go with a top brand known for offering products with UV protection.

When Tropical Debris Lands On Your Roof

Fungal spores and other plant matter can cause damage over time the longer it sits on your roof, often leading to algae or moss before escalating into dangerous dry rot. This could surprise you with a cave-in on an otherwise normal day.

Here Are A Couple Of Roof Damage Prevention Tactics

Regular roofing inspections can help you detect the early signs of roof damage. It also helps to invest in high-grade roofing materials that can withstand more than your average roof. These two simple steps can save you from dangerous occurrences and costly repairs.

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