Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Say Yes to Solar

We have heard so many complaints from our customers that are homeowners and business owners about the increasing costs of energy. That is where our sister companies, Solar Bear and Foam Bear come into play to help our valued customers out.

We have innovative spray foam insulation and quality solar services in Florida. With gas prices going up, electricity costs are also going to continue to rise. You can keep costs down by going solar and protecting your wallet for 25 years. With efficient solar panel installation, you can be comfortable at home without worrying about heating and cooling costs.

Reduce Your Energy Bill with Innovative Energy-Saving Services

Having an energy-efficient house will directly result in lower fuel costs for you. The electric bills should go down as you reduce your energy use. If you want a sustainable life, you can significantly lower your monthly or yearly expenses, whether you spend money on gas, electricity, or both.

You may even convert to renewable energy like solar panels to live a more environmentally responsible lifestyle. Several utilities now provide sustainable plans that only let you consume energy derived from renewable resources. This may often be even more affordable than conventional rates, allowing you to reduce your expenses and overall carbon footprint.

Improve Comfort and Reduce Costs

Nobody wants an uncomfortable house; it’s where you relax and unwind after a long day at work. An office without proper heating and cooling can also make it difficult to focus on work. Hence, it makes sense that anybody would want to make it comfortable.

Maintaining comfort levels in homes with poor energy efficiency ratings is notoriously difficult, especially regarding interior temperatures. For instance, if your home is not energy efficient, you can observe significant temperature differences between rooms or cold patches on walls. In rare situations, a room’s temperature might change significantly from one side to the other!

Foam Bear can make it possible to eliminate any air leaks and draughts to increase overall energy efficiency. We simply make the home or commercial building more pleasant to be in.

Improve the Value of Your Home with Energy-Efficiency

Future real estate buyers will probably look for energy-efficient homes since customers now are much more ecologically sensitive than they used to be. If you’ve previously made your property more environmentally friendly and are considering selling it, you might be able to get a better price.

This is why real estate businesses design ecologically friendly buildings when they build new residences. By doing this, they can increase the resale values and draw in a larger pool of purchasers.

Try Solar Services

Renewable energy can help you cut down on costs, be eco-friendly, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Try Spray Foam Insulation

Insulate your home to improve heating and cooling while reducing overall energy costs.