Spray Foam Services

Spray Foam Services

Complete Insulation and Air Sealing Services for Homes and Commercial Buildings

Spray Foam Insulation Will Improve Your Heating and Cooling Systems

The sun and heat can be quite uncomfortable. Stay comfortable and keep the heat out of your homes and commercial buildings with Icynene open cells and cell spray foam insulation. You can insulate and seal air in one go!

Roof Bear and Solar Bear have a sister company, Foam Bear, to provide our clients with high-quality energy-saving systems. Our expert technicians are trained so that they can implement the latest and most advanced methods to ensure durable insulation.

Benefits of Air Sealing and Spray Foam Insulation

Homeowners and commercial building owners can take advantage of insulation and air sealing to receive several benefits, including:

  • Barrier to moisture
  • Added comfort with great heating and cooling
  • Improved air quality, reducing allergens, mold, and harmful bacteria in the air
  • Sound control for better sleep and relaxation
  • Lowered energy costs every month
  • Optimal energy efficiency score
  • Effective does not decrease over time
  • Provides additional strength to walls, ceilings, and floors

Guaranteed Results with Warranties

We offer warranties for life for the spray foam insulation, which is transferable to the new owner, too (increasing the value of the property).

Our quality labor, materials, and work will ensure a long-lasting, durable result.

Energy-Efficient, Draft-Free Spray Foam Insulation

Why get spray foam insulation? The spray foam is an essential, sprayed-on plastic that can insulate the building completely. You won’t have to worry about any gaps or cracks that are letting the heating and cooling escape from the building. Make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable with spray foam insulation.

It also effectively resists any heat transfer, offering a great solution to reduce air loss. There are three types of spray foam insulation that we offer:

  • Low Density is used to fill interior wall cavities and unvented attics
  • Medium Density is used to fill interior wall cavities, unvented attics, and continuous insulation

High Density is used for roofing and exterior application

Hire Experts to Insulate Your Home and Commercial Properties

Efficient Insulation Can Decrease Cooling and Heating by 40%

The best spray foam insulation option is available for homeowners and commercial property owners, so why wait? You can start saving money on cooling and heating costs now!

We have a team of experts that have dedicated a lot of time to training, ensuring that the result is high-quality, effective, and durable. Roof Bear, Solar Bear, and Foam Bear, have licensed, credited, and insured technicians that can do the job for you.