Solar Services

Solar Services

Cut Down the Energy Bill with Solar Panel Installation

Use Advanced Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity to Save Energy

Solar panel installation services in Florida are becoming popular because they reduce energy costs and are non-polluting, renewable, and eco-friendly. Solar PV has decreased in price due to high demand and tax breaks. Innovative PV technology has advanced in recent years, so solar cell cost continues to become more affordable.

Roof Bear’s sister company, Solar Bear brings homeowners and commercial building owners a cost-effective, renewable energy system. Our experts provide quality solar panel installation, guiding clients on a custom plan for solar panels. With our home energy audits, you can get even more insight into how to save on energy.

Increase Energy Output and Efficiency: Solar Power Is the Future

Take advantage of the Florida sun and generate free electricity with solar PV systems.

You can even end up making more money by generating electricity. For instance, the solar PV system can even generate more energy than your home is consuming during low electricity demands. Local net metering regulations outline that the electric utility company needs to buy the surplus electricity from you. Based on your consumption habits and the solar system’s size, you can reduce the energy bill by up to 100%!

You can improve your overall energy-saving plans by implementing a holistic approach. We offer to spray foam insulation, which help with making more energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, and better sealing.

Trust Our Experts for Solar Panel Installation Services

The best part of solar panel installation services is that you don’t need to worry about the maintenance once they are up. They are nearly maintenance-free, producing clean, free energy for over 25 years.

You can rely on Roof Bear and Solar Bear to create unique and quality energy-saving solutions. Our professionals are insured, credited, and licensed with complete training in the latest techniques, technology, and protocols.

Make the smart choice.

Start with a Free Estimate and Upgrade Your Home Energy Systems

We are proud of our solar panel installation services. Renewable solar system services in Florida can provide homeowners and commercial properties with the chance to generate free, green energy.