Roof Types

Roof Types

Install a New Roof with the Best Results

Huge Variety of Roof Types Possible with Roof Bear

Roof Bear has decades of experience when it comes to roof installations, with over 7000 completed projects. We can install a vast array of roof types, no matter what kind of house or commercial property you own.

Roof Bear chooses premium quality materials, which can mean that your roof will last for a long time! Our expert labor, skillset, and knowledge of the latest techniques, advances, and methods can ensure your roof is durable and effective.

What Types of Roofs Can You Get?

We have a huge variety of roof types that you can try out, depending on your budget, needs, and preferences. Roof Bear knows that when you are designing a new building, the roof can be taken for granted. But roofs aren’t a one shape fits all feature. All roofs serve different purposes, and some are just more appropriate for building styles and weather.

  • Bonnet
  • Box Gable
  • Butterfly
  • Clerestory
  • Combination
  • Cross Gabled
  • Cross Hipped
  • Curved
  • Dome
  • Dormer
  • Dutch Gable
  • Flat
  • Front Gable
  • Gable with Shed
  • Gambrel
  • Half Hipped
  • Hexagonal Gazebo
  • Hip and Valley
  • Jerkinhead
  • Mansard
  • M-Shaped
  • Open Gable
  • Parapet
  • Pyramid Hip
  • Saltbox
  • Skillion or Shed Roof
  • Simple Hip
  • Skillion and Lean

Don’t know which one to go for? We can help! Our roofing experts can recommend what kind of roof would be most suitable for your property, needs, budget, and local weather conditions.

What Roofing Materials Do We Offer?

Roof Bear has gained experience over the years with many different high-quality materials, such as:

  • Shingles
  • Metal
  • Tile
  • TPO
  • Modified Bitumen
  • GAF Energy Solar Shingles

No matter what kind of material you choose, you can rest assured that Roof Bear will get the highest quality of materials for your roof installation. Our expert architectural design, premium roofing materials, and highly competent installation experts will ensure your roof last you for 25 to 50 years with warranties.

Perfect the Roof with Silicone Roof Coatings

Homeowners and commercial property owners can benefit from high-quality silicone roof coatings. A layer of silicone is sprayed or rolled to fill in any blisters, seams, and cracks in the roof. It offers an extra layer of protection for your roof for added insulation and long-lasting durability.

The benefits of silicone roof coating services include:

  • Resistance against pooling water
  • Added UV protection
  • Added weather protection
  • Eco-friendly

Hire Roof Bear for Roof Installation Services

You can trust the professionals at Roof Bear when you need dependable roof installation services in Florida. We have worked in roof repair, maintenance, and installation for three decades with thousands of successful customers. So, get in touch now to improve your home or commercial property now!