Is Dry Rot In My Roof Dangerous? Here’s What You Need To Know

As a homeowner, you probably pay more attention to other aspects of your house than your roof. But ignoring your roof comes with great risks to both your property and your own safety. Don’t fret, your local roofing professionals at Roof Bear Tampa are here to teach you the dangers of dry rot and what you can do to prevent or treat it so that you can maintain a safe and lovely home.

What Is Dry Rot, And How Does It Form?

It’s incredibly common for fungal growth to happen on roofing, especially in hot and humid climates. This happens because spores are carried through the air and land on high places like rooftops. And when certain areas of the roof have dark, cool, and wet spots, it’s easier for fungi to grow. When the fungus dries up and withers away, it leaves behind dry rot. Dry rot can be identified by certain indicators:

  • Dark or discolored spots
  • Splits and cracks
  • Warped shingles
  • Clearly imperfect wood

A Deep Dive Into The Dangers Of Dry Rot

Everyone already knows how dangerous mold and fungus can be, but just because the fungus completely dries up doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. When fungus leaves behind dry rot, the wood becomes greatly compromised. Throughout the process, the wood fibers that are used to keep your shingles strong will deteriorate and wither away. After that, what’s left over can end up causing your roof to completely cave in. Of course, a cave-in can lead to extremely high costs in property damage, but it can also be deadly for anyone existing underneath when it happens. If you want to avoid paying for property replacements and medical bills, it’s important to take the right steps in ensuring that your wood roof is healthy and checking for signs of a failing roof ahead of time.

Ways To Prevent The Dry Rot Process

Although moldy roofs are a common occurrence, it actually takes quite a bit of time for fungus to grow and spread, and even more time for that fungus to dry up to form dry rot. In that case, one of the most effective things that you can do to prevent dry rot from forming is to conduct regular roof inspections. A qualified roofer will be able to spot the signs early on and help you treat the problem before it gets worse. Also, pay mind to possible sources of leaks that can provide enough water or moisture for fungal growth. Even a small hole in your roof can allow water to pass through and cause damage, especially during storm season.

Concerned About Dry Rot In Your Roof? Call Roof Bear Tampa!

The talented and licensed roofing contractors at Roof Bear Tampa can offer you an impeccable level of expertise in addressing dry rot on your roof. Whether you would like to opt for regular inspections or you need a re-roofing to get rid of existing rot, call our team of professionals for a free quote on your next service! Whatever you need, we have the means to get the job done right for a safe and beautiful property to be proud of.