Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

Experts of Metal Roofing Services

Get a high-quality metal roof installed, and it will last for decades to come!

Metal roofing installation has become quite popular in the recent decade and continues to be the best option for many. It offers too many undeniable benefits; it’s eco-friendly, beautiful, and durable.

Roof Bear has installed thousands of metal roofs in Florida over the years. Our extensive 30-year experience and satisfied clients ensure that your new metal roof will last for decades and look absolutely amazing.

We ensure continuous training for all employees to make sure that we can use the latest advancements and techniques for our clients. Roof Bear is also dedicated to using the highest quality materials to offer optimal durability to your metal roof.

Save on Energy Costs with Metal Roofing Installation

Keep your energy bills low with our metal roofing services in Florida. These southern states face high temperatures, roaring winds, and annual rains. The roofing material you choose needs to reflect the weather of the area.

Conventional roofing materials can absorb heat, while metal reflects the sunrays away from the house. So, your living space will be cooler during the hot summers. Your HVAC system will not have to work too hard to ensure your home or commercial building is comfortable and cool for everyone inside.

Choose a Long-Lasting Option with Metal Roofing

Metal roofs have a great life expectancy of at least 40 years, which offsets the upfront cost of the high-quality material.

At Roof Bear, we also add innovative techniques and methods to lay your new metal roof, which can add to the longevity of the roof. With our skillset and experience, customers can have the peace of mind that their roof will last for years to come.

Fire-Resistance Is Here!

A lot of commercial properties and even residents choose metal roofing because of its strong fire-resistant properties. The added safety during an incident of fire makes it a great option for many. No embers or flying sparks will cause a fire since metal has a Class A fire rating.

However, you should note that the rating will decrease if the metal roof is installed on combustible materials.

Metal Is Environmentally-Friendly

Metal is an eco-friendly and sustainable material for roofing installation. Usually, metal roofing contains some recycled materials too. At the end of the roof’s life, it can also be fully recycled instead of lying in a landfill. Plus, it doesn’t require replacement for decades to come, so it is a feasible and sustainable option.

Easier Maintenance for You

Metal roofs have a long lifespan and are simple and inexpensive to maintain. With metal, you can anticipate a roof that won’t corrode, mold, split, or rust. All rain and snow will smoothly run off properly fitted roofs. This results in a roof that will need very little upkeep from you throughout its lifespan to keep it looking fantastic and performing flawlessly.

Hire Roof Bear for Metal Roofing Installation Now!

With over 7000 successful roof installations, trained staff, and premium materials, Roof Bear is the obvious choice for your new metal roof! With our competitive and affordable financing options, you can get a metal roof without any worry!