Top Warning Signs Your Roof Is Failing

Many homeowners enter and leave the house every day without looking up to see how well their roof is doing. Although roofs aren’t a high-maintenance component that needs daily checkups, it’s still worth it to keep your roof’s condition in mind before it can bring you costly problems in the future. It can also be dangerous to ignore certain indicators that could pose a major hazard. In case you don’t know what to look out for, the professionals at Roof Bear Tampa have your back with these top warning signs that your roof is failing.

The Roof Shingles Look Anything But Normal

You probably have a general idea of what roof shingles should look like, but they’ll gradually change in appearance as they become damaged or start to wear in age. Although it’s possible to replace individual shingles to maintain a clean-looking roof, some of these conditions could be warning signs of something greater. You might need to take action if your shingles are:

  • Curled
  • Bumpy
  • Blistered
  • Loose
  • Missing
  • Dark

Bumpy or blistering shingles often happen when they’re nearing the end of their life cycle and can’t handle direct sunlight as well as they used to. Dark spots may also show if the shingles are becoming too old. Loose shingles can occur when they become deteriorated enough to where they can no longer secure themselves to their foundation. Some of the granules that fall off of shingles due to deterioration can be found in your gutters or driveway. You might also come across popping nails that refuse to stay down since they don’t have enough materials to latch onto.

Evidence of Water And/Or Air Leakage

When your shingles or flashing becomes worn out or loosens up away from its foundation, it can invite water and air into the building through the exposed cracks. These gaps can also happen if your roofing has deteriorated. These leaks can show up anywhere, but the most common location is in the attic which happens to be the least occupied room in most homes. Every now and then, take a moment to check your attic for any water leaks that you might not be aware of. Spots on the ceiling or mold lining the creases where the roof and walls meet can also be a dead giveaway. Even if you don’t see any signs of water damage, an increased energy bill can be due to air leakage.

A Sagging Roof On The Verge Of Collapse

Some things are hard to ignore, like a sagging roof. This is a major red flag that requires immediate attention on an emergency level because it can collapse at any moment. Aside from the catastrophic property damages that can occur, no one wants to be within the vicinity of such a dangerous occurrence which can lead to an urgent hospital visit or worse.

It’s Been Over 20 Years Since The Roof Was Installed

Roofing doesn’t last forever, and most roofs that have been installed over 20 years ago are typically on their way out. When purchasing a new home, you should always ask how old the roof is and keep track of when it might be time to get a replacement. If you can’t find an answer, you can always hire a qualified roofer to perform a detailed inspection before giving expert advice on what to do next.

Expert Roof Replacement In Tampa!

Do you think your roof is failing? Contact the professionals at Roof Bear Tampa to schedule a roof inspection! If it’s time for a roof replacement, we have the expertise and quality products to replace your roof with one that looks beautiful and will last you decades.