How Long Do Tile Roofs Last & Are They A Good Idea In Florida?

Did you know that there are different types of roofing? When you bought your home, you may not have put much thought into what’s going on up above where you don’t normally look. But living in a state with a unique climate like Florida, the type of materials that you go with can make all the difference. Let’s take the first step into learning about the vast world of roofing materials, starting with tile roofs! When you’re ready for an upgrade, be sure to call Roof Bear Tampa as your reliable roofer near you.

Tile roofing is becoming increasingly popular not just because of its modern aesthetic but also because it has the potential to last a long time. You just need to know how to find the right materials and the right roofing contractors in your area.

The Expected Lifespan of Tile Roofing vs Its Actual Lifespan

In Florida, a roof can last as long as 50 years with the right materials and proper care. But if you skimp on the quality of the materials and don’t perform any upkeep, your roof’s lifespan can be cut in half to about 25 years or less. Like many things, the end result ultimately depends on a variety of factors and it’s up to you to get up to speed and call the right people!

Is Florida’s Climate Bad For Tile Roofs? That Depends

Tile roofing can be a great choice for Florida homes when you account for all of the common elemental damages or wear and tear that can happen. The biggest factors that can affect roofing in Florida include:

  • Hard and frequent rain
  • Strong and high winds
  • Direct impact from hail and other debris
  • Contact with mold or fungus
  • Prolonged sun exposure

Most (if not all) of these occurrences are practically unavoidable which is why it’s important to invest in high-quality tile roofing when living in Florida. Reliable and top-tier brands craft materials with added protection, giving you a better chance at a beautiful and long-lasting roof.

The Best Types of Tile Roofs For Florida Properties

At this point, you’re probably dying to know which roof brands to invest in, and we have the answer! A couple of the most renowned brands that manufacture proven products time and time again are GAF and Owens Corning. Both are excellent at what they do, but they also have their unique traits.


Owens Corning

● Wide range of color and style choices

● Fiberglass reinforcement

● Reliable with few defects

● Energy-efficient materials

● Low-maintenance products

● Excellent warranties available

● Increased durability and performance

● Energy-efficient products

● Moisture protection

● Wind resistance

● Low-maintenance selection

● Outstanding warranties available

The Advantage of Tile Roofing vs. Other Materials

With so many roofing options available, why are tile roofs becoming a top choice? While there’s nothing wrong with traditional shingles, there are plenty of advantages to upgrading to premium-grade tile roofing:

  • High resistance to the elements like wind, water, frost, pests, and sometimes fire
  • Incredibly long expected lifespan
  • Unique styles in bold and beautiful colors
  • Easier to manipulate around structures during installation
  • Thermal properties make it energy-efficient
  • Made with recycled materials for sustainability
  • Increases property value

Where To Get Top-Tier Tile Roofing In Florida

Roof Bear Tampa is a top choice for high-quality tile roofing near you! We carry a vast catalog of different styles and materials followed by expert installation you can count on. Contact us anytime for a free quote!