Orlando’s Energy Efficient Experts

As an industry leader in energy services, Solar Bear aims to make Orlando, FL homes more efficient and utility bills less expensive! From solar panel installations to attic insulations and more, we make the process of switching from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy easy!

Why You Should Go Solar in Orlando, FL

There’s a reason they call Florida the “Sunshine State”, so why not use it to our advantage?! The abundance of Florida sun allows home solar to produce more energy than home solar systems in other parts of the country – making Orlando, FL a great place to go solar!

And let’s not forget about the great incentives and cost savings that are available by making your home more energy-efficient! Solar Bear clients will benefit from the following incentives:

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit
  • Sales tax exemption
  • Property tax exemption
  • Net metering
  • Solar rebates

In addition to significant cost savings, clients who invest in solar energy will also help preserve and protect Florida’s lakes, rivers, parks, and other natural resources.

Timing is Everything.

Because power companies are always pushing for an increase in electrics costs, residents of Orlando, FL are constantly at risk of having to pay higher utility bills. Homes that have been made more efficient through solar services are protected from this rate increase for at least 25 years! Save money on your energy bills with services by Solar Bear!

Solar Bear Services in Orlando, FL

Solar Bear offers expert contracting services to make your Orlando, FL home more efficient and specialize in the following energy services:

  • Solar energy
  • Solar panel installation
  • Spray Foam insulation
  • Air sealing services

Orlando, FL Solar Panel Installations

Solar is as reliable as the sun, and we are living in a state with over 200 days of sunshine! Orlando residents can capitalize on this solar energy by significantly reducing monthly energy bills, especially during the hottest months of the year when the air conditioner is running on full blast!

Worried about cloudy days? No problem! It is not uncommon for homeowners to stay “on the grid” after a solar panel installation. These homes will continue to be powered by the electric company, and when solar energy is produced, that energy is fed back to the grid and credited towards the homeowner’s account.

At Solar Bear, we can perform solar panel installation on a variety of roof types including flat, barrel/cement tile, asphalt single, metal, and more!

Orlando, FL Attic Insulations

Spray Foam attic insulation is another effective way to improve the efficiency of Orlando homes! Without proper insulation, home cooling systems are susceptible to intense heat and sunlight and have little to no layer of protection. This makes it that much harder for an A/C unit to cool the air that needs to circulate through a home, resulting in the use of more energy and higher utility bills.

Insulated attics consistently maintain a comfortable temperature, and therefore, do not require as much energy to generate cooler air. When you combine a newly insulated attic with a solar panel installation at your Orlando, FL home, cost savings will be significant!

Start saving today by contacting Solar Bear for a FREE estimate!