Solar Bear originated in Tampa, Florida, and quickly grew into servicing the entire state. Our commitment to customer service and doing the right thing for each and every homeowner made us the #1 solar energy installer in the state of Florida, the highest rated and reviewed solar company in the State of Florida, the #1 Solar Company on SolarReviews.com, and the #14 Fastest Growing Company in the US on Inc. 5,000.

We couldn’t help but to take notice of the rising cost of electricity in Texas and South Carolina, and we felt it was our obligation to grow into these markets to help our Texas and South Carolina neighbors combat their increasing power bills, just as we did in Florida.

Whether in Florida, Texas, or South Carolina, Solar Bear is committed to our customers and the environment. We cut energy costs and leverage the current government programs to ensure the best outcomes for our customers, ensuring their long-term satisfaction.

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