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Residential New Roof Installation Service Citra
Local Re-Roofing Services Citra, Florida

Re-Roofing Services in Citra, Florida
Serving Citra

With many aging parts of a home, they need to be repaired or replaced. Most roofs are not excluded. Eventually roofs need to be replaced, and that is why Solar Bear should be your first call when you begin to have roofing issues, or if you are not sure, and need a roof inspection to find out. We don’t just tell you a roof needs to be replaced unless it makes sense. Our roofing team at Solar Bear, have performed many re-roofs in Florida, especially in the Citra areas. Our re-roofing services will take in to account your budget, home type, style of roof, and time frame. If you have leaking or other major problems, we will expedite your re-roof to minimize further damage.

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Re-Roofing Contractors in Citra, Florida

At Solar Bear, our re-roofing contractors, provides top quality roof services from the initial phone call, consultation, planning, installation, and completion of the roof. Our core values of God, Family, and Good Business Stewardship, is our foundation of providing the best re-roofing and roof replacement services in Florida.

Residential Re-Roofs for Citra, Florida

Residential re-roofs our a very large portion of our business. We service many parts of Florida including the Citra areas. We strive to provide a high level of roof installation, combined with top quality roofing products, and second to none customer service.

  • Solar Bear uses top quality re-roofing materials whether you are needing an asphalt roof, metal roof, flat roof, or custom roof.
  • Our roofing team are experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable roofers.
  • We install with attention to detail and precision to ensure your re-roof is installed within codes and manufacturer recommendations.
  • We offer great warranties on all products and installation

Why You May Need Re-Roofing

We understand that having your home’s roof replaced is quite the undertaking and a disruption to you and your family. With that said, our Solar Bear re-roofing team works with each individual to ensure you are well informed throughout the entire process. Our hands on approach will help to reduce disruptions and problems. We know how hard it is to give your hard earned money to a roofing contractor and hope you will get your money’s worth. We take this very seriously and since we are a Florida roofing company we build our trust one homeowner at a time.

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Local Re-Roofing Services Citra, Florida

Local Re-Roofing Services Citra, Florida

Why You Will Love Working With Us

  • Experts in Roofing with many years of experience
  • Best Price Guarantee! Affordable and Competitive roof pricing
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. Our guarantee combined with long term warranties, gives you piece of mind
  • Storm and Hurricane Damage Roof Inspections
  • No obligation cost estimates and roof consultations
  • Long-Lasting Roofing Solutions - Whether you are needing a new roof, roof repair, re-roof, or upgrading your roof with metal, you always get quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.
  • We deeply care about people and our core values of God, Family, and Good Business Stewardship drives us to provide the best value and service for all your roofing needs.
  • Great Reviews from our Roofing Customers.

Residential Re-Roof Installation Process for Citra, and surrounding areas in Florida

Our re-roofing team at Solar Bear are residential roofers serving Citra, and surrounding areas throughout Florida. Our re-roofing installation starts with a thorough consultation and roof inspection. We can discuss roof materials, financing options, scheduling, price, and other roofing options. There is not pressure sales, we know we can do an incredible job, and we provide you with the necessary information so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Roof Installation Process

Solar Bear starts each project with planning out your roof. We provide our clients with all the best roofing materials to choose the right roof for your home. Next is to schedule your installation.

Protecting Our Client’s Homes

At Solar Bear we make sure safety is a priority. We will take steps to protect your home from the debris. Protecting your windows, stucco, siding, doors, landscape, and any other part of your home. We lay down protective tarps to catch the debris from damaging your home, plus it makes cleaning up much easier at the end.

Removal of Old Materials from Property

We will remove all the old roofing materials from the roof, then inspect the sub-surface or wood decking to ensure that it is ready for the new roofing materials. If there is anything wrong with the sub-surface we will immediately show our client so they are aware of the issue.

Preparing for the New Roof

Once the deck is inspected and safe, or the new sub-surface is installed, it is time to prep for the new roofing materials. Drip edges will be installed so moisture doesn’t go under the roof. The underlayment will be installed, then the new roof, either asphalt, tile, metal, or other.


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