Differences Between Laminated And Architectural Shingles For Your Roof

If you’ve looked into roofing before, you already know that they’re not all made of the same material. Depending on your functional and stylistic preferences, there are so many different kinds to choose from with traditional wood and asphalt being a couple of the more common types. But what if you’re wanting a roof that’s more modern with practical benefits? The experts at Roof Bear Tampa will be introducing you to laminated and architectural shingles as the roofing material that every homeowner who is in-the-know dreams of having for themselves.

What Are Laminated And Architectural Shingles?

The terms “laminated” and “architectural” are commonly used interchangeably when it comes to describing a type of roofing material, and that’s because they are essentially the same thing. That’s why you’ll sometimes see roofing companies like GAF and Owens Corning use “laminated architectural shingles” together in one go. But what does this style look like and why is it so special? You can identify laminated or architectural (or laminated architectural) shingles by their unique layout. Rather than being placed side-by-side like the average rooftop, this modern style involves a complex layout of shingles that makes it appear almost three-dimensional. There’s varying depth between the shingles while also staying unique for a satisfying yet contemporary look. But other than their appearance, laminated roof shingles also come with functional benefits.

The Benefits Of Laminated (Or Architectural Shingles) Over Traditional Shingles

There’s nothing wrong with your typical asphalt shingles, especially when you go to a reputable roofing company. They’re flat for a more uniform look which is preferable if you would rather stick with simple roofing, but laminated shingles act as a step up with upgraded benefits.

Offering Increased Durability

Laminated shingles are double-layered which means that they are much thicker than the average asphalt shingle. This alone increases its durability factor, but this enhanced style also has the benefit of ceramic-coated reinforcement which makes it more water-resistant. It also helps that this style is often installed in multiple layers.

The Economical Choice

Outdated roofing comes and goes, but having to replace your roof more times than you need to can be rather wasteful with the amount of materials that need to be sourced and the energy that goes into crafting them into shingles. Laminated roofing has a much longer lifespan which eliminates the need to replace it often.

Excellent For Curb Appeal

Since laminated shingles need to be placed one at a time, it leaves room for more versatility. The shingles can be easily manipulated to fit around structures and corners allowing for more possibilities. It is also common for the shingles to be arranged in different (but complimentary) colors so you don’t need to stick to just a single color. As you can imagine, the process of installing laminated shingles can be incredibly time-consuming. Thankfully, you can leave the task to your local reputable roofing contractors!

Let Roof Bear Tampa Take Care Of The Installation!

Installing laminated or architectural shingles can be difficult, but you can count on the skilled roofing contractors at Roof Bear Tampa to get the job done for you! Call our friendly team today to get started with a free estimate. We have so many products and styles to choose from for a one-of-a-kind home that’s absolutely stunning!