How Do I Know Whether To Repair Or Replace My Roof?

It’s not too often you look up at your roof, but the next time you do you might notice some damages or imperfections. Some of it may be cause for concern, but how can you know for sure and what can you do about it? The professionals at Roof Bear Tampa will help you decide if you need to repair or replace your roof!

Identifying Minor Damages For Roof Repairs

Most property owners will hold out hope for a roof repair because it’s much cheaper and less involved. Depending on the situation, you may be lucky enough to get by with a small repair so you can save money and keep your current roof. Such small damages include anything that doesn’t immediately compromise the structural integrity of the building or pose a danger to anyone’s safety. It is also ideal to seek repairs during the beginning stages of these damages before they can evolve into bigger problems that would require a roof replacement. Minor damages that can be fixed with a roof repair include:

  • Small water and air leaks leading into the building
  • Slight cracks or gaps between the shingles
  • Minimal sagging in a consolidated spot
  • A few damaged or missing shingles

Understanding When It’s Time For A Roof Replacement

Waiting too long for roof repairs, or sustaining damages that are too large, will most likely call for an entire roof replacement. If you already suspect that the damages may be severe, prepare to have your roofer suggest a replacement when you call them over for a simple repair. This recommendation will come from a place of concern for your well-being and anyone else who enters the property because any damages that are a threat to the building’s structural integrity could cause it to collapse at any moment. Such damages that may require a roof replacement include:

  • Roof decking that has worn out or sustained heavy damages
  • Severe mold growth and black streaks throughout the roof
  • Substantially-sized holes that leave you exposed
  • Damages that penetrate the deeper layers of shingles

Other Reasons For Replacing Your Roof

Aside from apparent damages, you may want to consider a roof replacement to benefit you in other ways. A repair may leave your roof looking inconsistent if the color of the new shingles doesn’t exactly match the old ones, and that’s bad news for someone who values curb appeal. You may also notice a significant improvement in your energy efficiency after getting your roof completely replaced.

Still Not Sure? When In Doubt, Hire A Roofer

If you can’t tell whether you can get by with a roof repair or if you’re in need of a roof replacement, you can always hire a roofing expert to perform a thorough inspection for professional advice. They will know what to look for and the best action to take. They may even ask you questions like how old your roof is since older roofs may need to be replaced regardless. Need to find a roof expert in Florida? Try Roof Bear Tampa!

Call Roof Bear Tampa For Roof Repairs And Replacements!

At Roof Bear Tampa, we handle all roof repairs and replacements with decades of expertise and sheer dedication to providing superb customer satisfaction. We can have your roof looking like new with seamless roof repairs or we can provide you with a brand new roof made from top-quality products for a safe and beautiful home. Call us today for a free estimate!