Our Top Roof Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Roof Looking New

After going through the whole process of getting a new roof installed, you probably want to do everything you can to keep it looking as fresh as the day you got it for as long as you possibly can. Preserving the appeal and lifespan of your roof is definitely possible with the right amount of care which is why the professionals at Roof Bear Tampa are here to share some of our top roof maintenance tips to keep your roof looking new!

Roof Inspections Are More Important That You Think

The best way to keep your roof looking new is to keep a close eye on it. Your local roofing professionals will be able to conduct a thorough inspection to spot any potential problems before they can evolve into larger issues. Treating problems while they’re still minor and manageable can help keep your roof from aging faster, and it can help you avoid the cost of expensive repairs for hefty damages. At the very least, professional roof inspections should be conducted a minimum of once a year if you want to be able to catch problems while they’re still easily treatable.

Give Your Roof A Proper Cleaning Fairly Often

Just like how keeping your car clean can affect its performance, making sure your roof stays nice and tidy can help ensure a longer (or at least expected) lifespan. Letting layers of dust cake up on your roof can instigate the deterioration process much sooner than you would like. Plus, failure to wash away any pollen that could have been blown onto your roof can turn into mold or algae that can evolve into black streaks or dry rot. Both of these instances could cause your roof to collapse if left untreated for too long.

Maintain Your Roof’s Structural Integrity

There are a few things you can do to keep your new roof strong and durable. One of the most simple tasks is replacing any missing shingles or tiles immediately. Having missing shingles can look tacky, but it can also introduce the issue of holes that are created from the lack of protection. Also, taking the time to insulate your ceiling or attic with high-grade substances like spray foam can add to your roof’s structural integrity and help hold it in place. Coating and sealants may also protect the condition of your roof, but it may be worth it to ask for advice from roofing professionals on how to best go about it.

Ways To Enhance Your Roof’s Natural Beauty

Even with a flawless roof, the surrounding area can sometimes trick the eye into thinking that it’s not in the best shape. For example, a dirty gutter that’s overflowing with leaves can distract from a stunning roof layout. Any large trees with branches that hang over the roof can also appear unsightly. If you want your roof to really stand out, take a moment to evaluate anything around it that could be stealing the spotlight.

Keep Your Roof Looking Pristine With Roof Bear Tampa!

At Roof Bear Tampa, we want you to be proud of your beautiful new roof. Call us today to speak with our friendly staff about our professional services designed to help keep your roof looking fresh and new! Ask for free estimates on roof inspections, re-roofing, new roof installation, and more.