7 Reasons To Repair Roof Leaks In Your Home Before Hurricane Season

A minor roof leak might not seem like that much of a problem at first. Just put a bucket down and worry about it later, right? However, you should understand the dangers of leaving roof leaks unattended and why you should have it repaired in time for hurricane season. If you have a roof leak that needs fixing, Roof Bear Tampa is staffed with reliable experts that can get the job done in no time!

1. Neglecting Leaks Can Make Them Larger

If you don’t get your roof leak repaired by the time the next hurricane comes around, don’t be surprised if that leak becomes much larger after the fact. With more rain pouring down along with high and chaotic winds, any existing holes or cracks can easily be torn open thus leaving you with a higher cost in repairs.

2. Avoid Water Damage Inside Your Home

Hurricanes in Florida often come with heavy rainfall, which means that any gaps or cracks in your roof practically invite water to enter the house. Any water that pours inside can lead to water damage along the walls and/or your floors. Some of these common roof damages can also lead to water stains that are impossible to fully get rid of.

3. Prevent Mold From Forming And Spreading

What happens when water enters the home? A common occurrence is mold growth. Now you’re faced with even more damage to tend to before they get even worse! It’s especially dangerous to leave mold unattended because it can spread and wear down the home’s structural integrity while posing a health risk to anyone nearby.

4. Pests Can Find Refuge In Your Home

While you’re inside of your home taking shelter from a hurricane, other living creatures are doing the same. Roof leaks can provide just enough of an opening for many critters to squeeze through and find a safe place in your home. This includes rats, mice, and all kinds of bugs.

5. Strong Winds Can Pull Up Your Roof

It doesn’t take much leverage for the wind to pick up objects, and your roof is no exception. What could start off as a small roof leak can end up with your entire roof missing. If you’re lucky, you’ll only miss out on a few shingles.

6. Your Energy Efficiency Will Take A Hit

If you plan on working your AC during a hurricane to keep warm in the cold, you might as well give up if you have a roof leak. Any conditioned air that you try to keep indoors will easily escape through the gap, and you’ll only be left with the cold air that swoops in to replace it.

7. Bypass Electrical Hazards

You already know that roof leaks can lead to water in your home, but have you thought about what would happen if electrical equipment goes haywire? Power lines commonly get detached and swept up during hurricanes, and even so much as a power outage can cause a spark that would spell doom if any water is nearby.

Need Roof Repairs Before Hurricane Season? Call Roof Bear Tampa!

Now that you understand the dangers of neglecting roof leaks before hurricane season, we encourage you to give Roof Bear Tampa a call today so that our team of professionals can perform repairs or professional re-roofing services to help keep you safe! Don’t delay when your life and property are on the line.