Are Roof Warranties Transferable?

Some roof warranties can cover a couple of decades or more or repairs or services, but people don’t always stay in the same home for that long. Even after getting new roofing installed, homeowners have their reasons for moving elsewhere, and they wouldn’t want their warranties to go to waste. If you’re looking to buy a home with a new roof, the professionals at Roof Bear Tampa will teach you about transferring roof warranties and everything else you need to know!

Contractor Roof Warranties vs Manufacturer Roof Warranties

There are actually two different types of warranties, those provided by the manufacturer and those provided by the contractors who install the roofing materials:

Roof manufacturers will typically offer warranties that cover the quality of the roofing materials as they stand on their own. For example, if a manufacturer advertises that their materials resist hail damage but the shingles or tiles show punctures after a hailstorm, then that can be a valid claim. However, professional roof repairs may fall to the contractors when it comes to installation quality.

Roofing companies often act as a way to communicate with these manufacturers about their warranties. But some contractors (not all of them) will offer warranties themselves regarding the quality of the installation. It’s very important to find a place that can do both because not all manufacturers will take responsibility for the skillset of the contractor. Contractor roof warranties can cover any repairs for damages that occur due to poor installation since that’s something that is not within the homeowner’s control.

The Terms Of Transferring A Roof Warranty

When it comes to transferring roof warranties, every company is different. Many roofing companies will allow it, but just one time. There may be a small fee to go through with the process, and that can be followed by a bit of paperwork and even a roofing inspection. But most importantly, it’s crucial to take note of any timelines. It’s common for there to be a timeframe in which the transfer must occur after the new homeowner buys the house. Waiting too long could mean losing the entire warranty.

Questions to Ask When Buying A New House

● What does the warranty cover?

● Is the warranty registered to be transferred?

● How many times can the warranty be transferred?

● Has the warranty already been transferred in the past?

What Can Void My Roof Warranty?

Aside from any timeframes that may occur after buying a new home, it’s also important to take note of anything that could void the roofing warranties. Some of these actions include:

  • Failing to keep up with proper roofing maintenance
  • Roof work and installation performed by unauthorized contractors or individuals
  • Use of third-party components
  • Setting a new roof or roofing materials on top of older components
  • Installing hardware on the roof like antennas or solar panels

As you may have noticed, anything that is done by anyone other than an authorized roofing contractor will void your warranty. That is because roofing companies and manufacturers want you to get the best experience out of their products and services without any outside influence to compromise their intentions.

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