7 Risks Of Working With An Unlicensed Roofer

Why would anyone want to hire an unlicensed roofer? The most common reason is the lower upfront cost. However, there are too many dangers and uncertainties that come with hiring a contractor without the appropriate paperwork which could lead to more expensive costs anyway. Learn about the risks of working with an unlicensed roofer and why you should call up a reputable roofing company like Roof Bear Tampa!

1. You Can Be Sued If Your Unlicensed Contractor Is Hurt On The Job

When you hire a roofing contractor, you should be able to just pay and wait for the work to be completed. Since you’re not directly involved with the building process, it doesn’t make sense for any accidents to fall back on you. It’s not your fault if your roofer suffers an injury, especially if it’s due to their own personal neglect. However, it is still possible for unlicensed roofing contractors to sue you for damages since nothing was specified on paper beforehand and if the worker has no insurance.

2. You Will Be Held Responsible For Property Damages On The Job

If your unlicensed roofer happens to cause property damage on a neighboring building, the responsibility will ultimately be placed in your hands. Again, it’s not fair for you to own up to the mistakes of the one who is actually doing the work. But without the right licensing and insurance, it can’t be helped.

3. Your Building May Not Pass Inspections

Roofers who don’t take the time to get their license will most likely not know about proper building codes. These codes are set in place to lessen the potential of various hazards, which means that it’s crucial to hold them to a high standard. If your roofer doesn’t abide by these building codes, an inspector will have every right to shut you down if they spot anything out of place.

4. The Structure Could Pose A Safety Hazard

By not abiding by building codes, your property will be very susceptible to safety hazards. You and any guests that you have will be dancing with death as the roof and ceiling could collapse at any given moment. Saving a few bucks isn’t worth anyone’s well-being.

5. The Finished Product Will Be Of Poor Quality

Unlicensed roofers typically don’t go through with the licensing process because they’re not interested in making an honest living out of it. Each job is simply a gig that will get them some extra cash, so you shouldn’t expect the work to exhibit the same quality as that done by an actual expert who made this profession their career.

6. Your Insurance May Drop You

Letting your property be built or remodeled by an unlicensed roofer will be seen as a huge liability in the eyes of your insurance company. If they feel as though the risks are too high, it’s very possible for them to drop you from your insurance plan entirely.

7. You Could Be Breaking The Law

If the above reasons weren’t enough to deter you, then maybe more threatening matters will help you come to reason. In Florida, it’s illegal to knowingly hire an unlicensed contractor to handle commercial work. Even if you didn’t know that your roofer was unlicensed, you’d be walking on a thin rope. To avoid this altogether, it’s always good to ask for proof beforehand.

Hire A Licensed, Bonded, And Insured Roofer In Tampa!

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